Ai.ethics Virtual Session

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the Portuguese Business Ethics Association (APEE) and the United Nations Association Portugal join forces to present the innovative Ai.ethics Program.

Ai.ethics, conceived and promoted by APEE in collaboration with UNA Portugal, arises from the urgent need to guide private sector companies and public or private non-business entities toward adopting ethical and responsible practices in the use of artificial intelligence. This initiative is based on the UNESCO Recommendation on Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, the Directives and guidelines of the European Union, and Portuguese Legislation.

Registrations for participation in the session can be made through the link.

Agenda of the Ai.ethics Virtual Session

3:00 PM – Opening

The session will be inaugurated by two prominent figures in the business and technological scene:

  • Paulo Marques, Executive Manager of Inova-Ria;
  • Mário Parra da Silva, President of APEE and Secretary-General of UNA Portugal.

3:50 PM – Panel: Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

This panel will bring together distinguished experts in the field of AI, providing a comprehensive perspective on ethics in this area. Moderator Mário Parra da Silva will lead the dialogue, and panel participants include:

  • Paulo Dimas, Vice President of Product Innovation at Unbabel and Coordinator of the Mobilizing Agenda of the Center for Responsible AI;
  • André Eiras dos Santos, founding member and General Manager of International Business at SWORD Health;
  • Vânia Carlos, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education and Psychology at the University of Aveiro, also serving as a Researcher at CIDTFF;
  • Gonçalo Diniz, Consultant at APEE.

Commitment to Transparency and Explainability

Ai.ethics represents a firm commitment to making AI more transparent and explainable for all stakeholders involved. Following the recommendations of UNESCO and the guidelines of the European Union, this program aims to establish a rigorous ethical standard in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence solutions.

The event will conclude at 4:30 PM, after the exchange of knowledge and ideas on ethics in artificial intelligence. The commitment of APEE and UNA Portugal to foster discussion and collaboration around technology ethics demonstrates their fundamental role in shaping a more responsible and reliable technological environment.

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