United Nations Association Portugal

Contributing to a model of ethical and sustainable organizational development

UNA Portugal is a formally established association as of June 2022. It stems from a movement of citizens who aim to contribute to global awareness, are committed to fostering active citizenship, and feel the need to increasingly intervene in seeking answers and solutions to the current challenges of a rapidly changing world.

The association aspires to be comprehensive, inclusive, and egalitarian. Its role is intended to disseminate the United Nations Charter and its principles, collaborating with all international organizations. Additionally, it aims to be an active association, contributing on the ground with actions and projects in areas where Civil Society intervention is more necessary than ever.

One of UNA Portugal’s purposes is to bring together individuals and organizations that think collectively and globally to address the challenges of today’s world. It collaborates with similar organizations in almost every country, acting locally through initiatives aligned with social and human rights issues and following the principles of the United Nations, as outlined in the Agenda 2030.

By developing the concept of global citizenship and engaging with Portuguese society and beyond, as it intends to cooperate with other UNAs in most countries, this association seeks to empower and raise awareness among individuals and organizations to respond to global challenges and current issues on the planet.

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