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Webinar | Ai.ethics: For a Future of Trust

The exponential growth in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems has revealed how this technology can be a true enhancer of economic activity. At the same time, these systems pose serious challenges in terms of ethical implications and the protection of human rights, as well as social impacts that need to be safeguarded for the benefit of individuals, society, and the economy, as they decisively affect the trust of various stakeholders.

The Ai.ethics program, an initiative of the Portuguese Business Ethics Association (APEE) and the United Nations Association Portugal (UNA PT), will open applications for the Ai.ethics Recognition, which materializes in a Seal that attests to the reliability of the governance of AI systems by organizations. From February 16 to March 31, any organization can submit its application.

To mark this beginning, on February 15, at 2:30 PM, an online event will take place where, from different perspectives, we will discuss these issues and launch the phase of applications for Ai.ethics Recognition 2024.

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